Bendix Concentrate Radiator Coolant Water

Bendix Concentrate Radiator Coolant Water Features

Bendix Concentrated Radiator Coolant is characterized by a modern anti-corrosion that provides high anti-corrosion and anti-foam properties. In addition, this antifreeze fluid has the “Long Life” feature to meet the needs of major manufacturers such as VW, Mercedes, Volvo, MAN and Renault and its long-term oxidation stability.

It’s also a good time to check your coolant’s antifreeze to prepare for winter. Coolant is the liquid in your radiator, while antifreeze is the liquid added to the radiator to prevent the coolant from freezing. This liquid is in pure form, when the water is not mixed, it is called concentrated antifreeze. Concentrated antifreezes available in the current market should be mixed with water to obtain the appropriate cooling level in an engine.

Antifreeze is a type of alcohol and is colorless. The reason why antifreezes in our country are colored and these colors are different from each other is to ensure that they can be easily distinguished in case of any leakage.

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