Bendix 20W-50 Multi Grade SAE Engine Oil

API SJ/CF/CF-4 – ACEA A3/B3 – MB 228.1 – VW 501.01/505.00 – VOL- VO VDS

Bendix 20W-50 Multi Grade SAE Engine Oil, high quality base oils for use in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It is a high performance motor oil prepared by blending and special additives. It minimizes the residue and soot formed in the ring rings and provides superior protection in the engine.

Mineral engine oil for gasoline, LPG and diesel engines formulated with slip resistant viscosity improvers to prevent loss of viscosity over time. Therefore, a strong and stable lubricating film is guaranteed even at high temperatures.

While corrosion and sludge are minimized, anti-wear additives blended with high-quality base oils provide maximum protection for heavily loaded parts, as running-in engine oil, especially suitable for older vehicles.

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