Bendix 15W-40 FARMER Engine Oil

Bendix 15W-40 FARMER Engine Oil Using Place and Features


Bendix 15W-40 FARMER Engine Oil is obtained with a careful balance of ingredients. It is used to provide high performance and to meet the needs of business machines. These machines operate in extreme conditions due to their high power requirements, reduction of emissions and the use of a “single” lubricant for transmissions, engine, hydraulic circuit, clutches and brake systems.

It is an engine oil obtained by mixing mineral based base oil with high quality additives. Areas of use are for agricultural and agricultural vehicles operating under severe conditions and in all kinds of climatic conditions.

It has high oxidation resistance, prevents rust and corrosion as well as prevents acid formation with its high TBN value. It extends the life of the engine. Provides more effective lubrication with the anti-foam additive it contains. It prevents air pollution by reducing exhaust gases.


API SF/CG-4 – ACEA E3 – API GL4 – ZF TE ML 06A,B, 07B – FORD M2C 159 B/C- 134D – JD J27/J20C MF M1135, M1143,M1145, M1144,M1139


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